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For Institutions

FAP has truly created a new paradigm in the life insurance industry with extraordinary resources, which are evidenced by FAP's unparalleled proactive and thorough reporting (and compliance) driven by the firm's dedicated client service group and internal programmers. FAP's robust back office makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for trustees of large and complex TOLI portfolios, who have interviewed FAP, to select a team without such resources but rather based upon relationship alone.

FAP's platform is the largest and most technical of its kind in the U.S. and is sought by:

1. Trustees of life insurance trusts and advisors all of whom have very real and significant liability for the selection of and future monitoring of large TOLI portfolios.

2. Super affluent clients themselves who recognize the substantial dollar amounts committed to their TOLI portfolios and demand pro-active and ongoing professional management of that asset to ensure that desired results are achieved and financial returns are maximized (just as they would any other major investment).

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