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For Advisors

Super affluent families rely on their family office or lead advisor to provide expert advice on wealth transfer planning. Many of these advisors trust FAP to manage their life insurance solutions. We educate advisors and families so that they understand the wealth transfer properties of life insurance and can evaluate if it fits into their planning. We also conduct policy reviews to test performance and identify less than obvious risks and opportunities.

Why you should review existing coverage

  • Underperforming policies - Lower interest rates and dividends may cause lapse in coverage

  • Inefficient design - Possibility of reducing annual premiums or increasing death benefit

  • Unintended tax impact - Must monitor gift reporting and ownership issues

  • Underwriting - Better risk classes may be available and mortality costs have gone down

  • Product features - Newer products may provide better guarantees and internal rates of return

  • Changes in health status - Create options to evaluate opportunities

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