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Who we are

  • Financial Architects Partners is a 25 person national firm based in Boston, exclusively focused on evaluating, building, and actively managing large life insurance portfolios for the super affluent

  • We advise on $20B* of life insurance for the 425 families we serve and we selectively commence new engagements each year through client and advisor referrals

  • We built our business by being a specialized resource to top tax, investment, and legal advisors, and family offices that need an expert life insurance planning advisor for their clients

  • Each year we manage some of the nation's largest trust owned life insurance implementations, which are often referred by other brokers who rely on our ideas, execution, and back office capabilities to build a truly diversified and optimized portfolio

What we do

  • Financial Architects Partners builds optimized life insurance portfolios through our access, influence, and diligence

  • We deliver uncommon results for our clients and advisors because we follow a carefully constructed process which relies on investments in technology and human capital

  • We partner with top advisors who ask us to evaluate existing life insurance portfolios and share ideas on new planning for their clients

  • We help families understand the wealth transfer properties of life insurance and the attractive returns of this tax-favored asset class

  • We deliver real and identifiable "alpha" through carrier and product selection, funding design, underwriting results, and ongoing active management of the portfolio

Our approach

  • Singular focus - Wealth transfer life insurance for affluent families only

  • Objectivity - Performance-based carrier selection via real-time monitoring of top carriers' financial strength 

  • Confidentiality and privacy - Safeguard families' health and financial information

  • Alpha - Identify and exploit anomalies and dislocations in products and planning design

  • Active management - Policy performance is reviewed annually to test improvement options

  • Creativity - Reputation for developing and improving planning designs and techniques

Our process

  • Transparency - Product, process, and compensation

  • Collaboration - Integration of life insurance planning into overall generational wealth plan

  • Access and leverage - Ability to access more carriers and help obtain favorable underwriting

  • Value - Financial Architects Partners is compensated by carriers; there is no additional cost to clients to work with us

  • Accountability - Advisors need a reliable professional resource dedicated to providing results

  • Back office - Investment in people and technology allows us to manage the entire process in-house

Life insurance for the super affluent

Families rely on Financial Architects Partners to work with their family office or lead advisors to consult on wealth transfer efficiency and life insurance as an asset class.

  • Provides liquidity for the estate tax

  • Immediacy and simplicity of wealth transfer

  • Minimal transfer (gift) tax for creation of large asset outside of taxable estate

  • Helps to insulate, complement, and hedge other estate planning techniques

  • Tax-favored asset class; income tax free and estate tax free (if owned properly)

  • Non-correlated, defensive, conservative asset with strong risk adjusted returns

For advisors

Super affluent families rely on their family office or lead advisor to provide expert advice on wealth transfer planning. Many of these advisors trust Financial Architects Partners to manage their life insurance solutions. We educate advisors and families so that they understand the wealth transfer properties of life insurance and can evaluate if it fits into their planning. We also conduct policy reviews to test performance and identify less than obvious risks and opportunities.

Why you should review existing coverage:

  • Underperforming policies - Lower interest rates and dividends may cause lapse in coverage

  • Inefficient design - Possibility of reducing annual premiums or increasing death benefit

  • Unintended tax impact - Must monitor gift reporting and ownership issues

  • Underwriting - Better risk classes may be available and mortality costs have gone down

  • Product features - Newer products may provide better guarantees and internal rates of return

  • Changes in health status - Create options to evaluate opportunities

For institutions

Financial Architects Partners has created a new paradigm in the life insurance industry with extraordinary resources, which are evidenced by our firms unparalleled proactive and thorough reporting (and compliance) driven by the firm's dedicated client service group and internal programmers. Financial Architects Partners robust back office makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for trustees of large and complex TOLI portfolios, who have interviewed our firm, to select a team without such resources but rather based upon relationship alone.

Financial Architects Partners platform is the largest and most technical of its kind in the U.S. and is sought by:

  • Trustees of life insurance trusts and advisors all of whom have very real and significant liability for the selection of and future monitoring of large TOLI portfolios.

  • Super affluent clients themselves who recognize the substantial dollar amounts committed to their Trust Owned Life Insurance (TOLI) portfolios and demand pro-active and ongoing professional management of that asset to ensure that desired results are achieved and financial returns are maximized (just as they would any other major investment).

*As of 8/1/2018
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